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Our Team

Mike Collins began his career with two of the largest consumer products companies in the world: Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo. At PepsiCo, he rose to the position of Division Vice President for Pepsi Cola Company’s Foodservice Sales Division. PepsiCo then asked Mike to take on the challenge of being Vice President of Franchising for Taco Bell, then a PepsiCo subsidiary, as it began its historic growth curve which turned it into a major fast food chain.

During this time, Mike was asked to consider an opportunity with a large direct selling company—Senior VP of Sales & Marketing. After doing thorough due diligence in evaluating the offer, he decided to accept it, and that experience convinced Mike that Direct Selling was his career home.

Mike held senior executive positions with two other very large companies before accepting the challenge to join a small, post-startup company as President. Over the next eleven years he led the company from its beginning stages through exponential growth, to include the opening of two international subsidiaries, a new production facility, expansion into dozens of international markets, and enormous success in product sales and field growth.

Michael Collins
President and CEO

Laura Collins first emerged in direct selling as a distributor for a major company, rising to the highest level achievable in that company’s field sales force. During her time in that position, she also took on the leadership role of planning and managing the sales events for the entire metropolitan market in which she operated her distributor position. In doing so, she planned and managed numerous meetings, coordinating all the sales leaders in that market, while sticking to a very conservative budget. That experience, learned from the perspective of a field sales leader, made her the perfect choice to manage global events for a fast-growing, medium sized company over eleven years of growth. Laura planned and executed over a hundred meetings, seminars, leader special events, and large conferences with thousands of attendees. In addition, the venues for these meetings were literally all over the world, requiring many layers of planning that are not necessary when only working in the US. And she managed all events within pre-determined budgets. M&L Collins Group can make your event happen, make it great, and keep the costs within budget.

Laura Collins
Event Management
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