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For nearly forty years, we have taken a personal approach to highly technical projects in complex markets.

Today’s Direct Selling company is operating in a very different and rapidly changing environment, with every one of its stakeholders—employees, customers, suppliers, and perhaps most significantly, distributors—viewing the business with a 2018 view of the world. While excellent products and services remain the foundation of each company, every other aspect of how those products and services are brought to market has evolved in significant ways. And that’s where the M&L Collins Group can help. With the two principals, Mike and Laura Collins, having been in the Direct Selling business for a combined 65 years of experience, covering every level and function, there’s not much they have not experienced and dealt with. In addition, M&L Collins Group brings significant specialized expertise to the task, having relationships experts in every major discipline that today’s businesses encounter. No matter what the challenge, the M&L Collins Group can analyze it and collaborate on creating a solution that will be successful, and will be sustainable.


High Level Strategy

Arriving at the right growth strategies for your company can seem like a monumental task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our structured approach, together with first class analysis, we will provide a framework for a winning plan.

Start Ups

Launching a New Company

You’re ready: you’ve got a product and you know that all you need is a strategy to take that product to market. You also know that a direct selling approach is ideal for you. Now—how do you get from here to market? M&L Collins Group can take you there, from structuring your company to starting and developing your sales force to setting up the compensation plan and logistics.


Sales Force Leadership Development

Direct selling is a leader-driven business. If you have dynamic leaders in your field sales force, your job becomes developing them so they will continue to do what they do best: BUILD. How do you do that? What programs and incentives must you have in place? How much contact should you have with them, individually, and as a group? M&L Collins Group can help you set up a long term, sustainable framework for this incredibly important relationship.

Event Planning

Event Planning & Management

Lights, Camera, Action! The excitement generated by a well-done event, from program planning to on-site logistics to sales force recognition, is a fundamental building block in constructing a successful direct selling company. M&L Collins Group has in depth experience in all these facets and far more. We have put on events in the US and all of North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. Our precision agenda modeling and highly efficient planning and management of all logistical support leads to great events, which accomplish your goals and stay within budget.


Marketing Communications

How do you communicate with your field? What communications tools, how often, what channels, and what messages? We can simplify this effort for you, and plan out a regular, effective program of outreach, promotion, and recognition.



Your distributors want to see action, fun, more reasons to talk to their customers, and more reasons to find new distributors to join their teams. So choosing the right promotions—what to promote, how to communicate it, when to run them, how long, and how to measure results are all key components in laying out your promotion plan. Let us help you be on target, on time, and on budget.



Motivating your distributors requires a multi-faceted approach, covering well thought-out incentives at every level. These incentives must be coherent, and consistent with your compensation plan, and must always be able to provide an incentive for distributors to reach for more achievement. We have the experience from both the corporate perspective, and, of critical importance, the field leadership perspective, to create a living, long term incentive program.


Customer Service

Customer Service in the Direct Selling business is unlike that in many other business models. That’s because the relationship between your company and your distributors is very personal! Your company management, as well as your Customer Service team, will develop very familiar relationships with the distributors, especially the leaders in your field. For this reason, the structure and the measurement of performance of your customer service team must be carefully customized for your business. We can help you through this process.


The M & L Collins Group is home to industry leaders who uphold our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

The M&L Collins Group was founded in 2017 by co-founders Mike and Laura Collins, a husband & wife team of experienced and smart professionals. Together they have 65 years of experience in the Direct Selling channel, at high levels of responsibility, with a variety of companies, as both corporate executives and distributor leaders. Their unique combination of talent and experience means there are few challenges they haven’t seen and dealt with successfully in this exciting business! No matter what the issue—from start up to mature company—they’ve been highly effective instruments of success wherever they’ve gone.

Michael Collins
Laura Collins
Event Management

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